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Original Music - French Immersion Songs Vol.1

French Emmersion Songs Volume 1Born and raised in Quebec, now with two kids of my own in French Immersion, I wanted to create an original CD that would be fun for kids and serve as a valuable resource for Teachers. The songs are upbeat and current…they cover 95% - 100% of the monthly vocabulary used in French Immersion grade one in Ontario and are suitable for all primary grades. This CD is also suitable for English students that begin core French in grade 1 or 4. The bonus accompaniment tracks provided at the end make it easy to use at concerts. Please see the free lyric sheet downloads on this site for the complete vocabulary list.

Have fun! French is a beautiful language…full of life…and this CD was made with great joy!


SONGS: Download Lyrics  
1. Dans ma classe il y a (In My Classroom) PDF  
2. En automne (Autumn Colours) PDF  
3. Dans ma maison (In MY House) PDF  
4. Les parties du corps (Parts of the Body) PDF  
5. Rêve d'hiver (Winter's Dream) PDF  
6. Ou la la - Les vêtements (Clothing) PDF  
7. Chocolat - La fête de la St-Valentin (Valentine's Day) PDF  
8. Notre communauté (Our Community) PDF  
9. Les animaux de la ferme (Farm Animals) PDF  
10. C'est le printemps (Springtime) PDF  
11. Cuisses de grenouilles - La nourriture (Food) PDF  

12. - 22. BONUS Accompaniment tracks!
(Sans paroles - perfect for concerts!)

Download All

TO FRENCH TEACHERS: Perfect for French Immersion Primary Grades - Great for Core French Elementary - Accompaniment tracks included for concert use
                           Free letter sized lyric sheet download included for each song

TO PARENTS AND KIDS:  Learn French together through music by playing it in the car and at home. Have fun!


Original Music by Beautiful Flow Download
French Immersion Vol.1

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