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Music Lessons

Voice, guitar, bass, drums, piano

  • Private lessons
  • Group lessons
  • All ages
  • Band Clinics
  • Worship workshops

We want you to learn to play the songs you love…music is a gift to be enjoyed.  Our teaching philosophy focuses on developing your musical ear, understanding what you are playing and enjoying the learning process.  It’s about finding your musical identity.

Musical taste test!

Each person is unique and so is the musical gift that each person carries. We provide a “musical taste test” to allow the individual to try singing, guitar, piano, voice, bass and drums in order to find their aptitude.  After a few “taste test” lessons, the individual usually discovers an affinity for one or two of the instruments.  We then concentrate on their choices and build their skills and help them to grow as a musician.  The good news for parents is that they can wait before purchasing an instrument, until their child has given a strong indication that they are committed to learning.

Located in Stouffville, Ontario, Canada. 


Music Lessons

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Music Lessons Music Lessons

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