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“True creativity happens when there is freedom.  Freedom happens when you let go and let it flow.  Our passion is to flow in our creative gifting and to help others grow and flow in theirs.  We do this through songwriting, composing music for television and film, teaching and art.” 

As founders of Beautiful Flow, Orest and Liana have been writing, recording, performing and teaching music together for over twenty years. 

Orest is a multi-instrumentalist, who began playing piano at the age of five and then pursued guitar, bass, drums and percussion.  Liana’s first passion is voice followed by bass, guitar, piano and drums. 

Songwriting - Music is a gift and is a powerful vehicle.  A song can change the whole atmosphere in a room.  Songwriting is a way of contributing…a way of expressing spiritual and human truths.   Their latest work, “Enter”, features original spiritual songs which are experiential in nature.  “Emerge” is a pop album, featuring songs that were, for the most part, written with other artists in mind.  “Monkeys and Miracles” is a children’s album that Liana wrote and Orest produced.  The songs on this album were inspired by teaching children music at a Montessori school.  This experience demonstrated to Liana that children are capable of singing complex melodies and that kids really enjoy a variety of instrumentation.   

Soundtracks – Scoring music for television and film.  Orest has worked as a composer, ghost writer and programmer for over ten years in the movie and television industry.  He has worked on Mel Gibson’s film “The Passion of the Christ”, as well as on popular television shows such as “Little Mosque on the Prairie”, “Rescue Heroes” and “Designer Guys”.  As a composer writing to a set picture, he has learned to work within a specific framework while maintaining a creative flow. 

Music Lessons - Orest and Liana’s goal as music teachers is to encourage students to experience the joy and freedom of music. Playing music can be immediate, obtainable and fun.  They stress using the musical ear and playing songs that inspire.  They also encourage students to write their own songs.    Their teaching studio is a fully equipped recording facility.

Art Gallery - Liana is also a visual artist.  You can see some of her paintings in Beautiful Flow’s on line art gallery.  Color comes to life in her paintings; there is an intensity to her art that reflects a passionate and personal relationship with God. 

Both Liana and Orest have deep spiritual beliefs and convictions which are based on personal experiences. For more about this, please go to Beautiful Flow’s Blog.


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