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Liana and Orest, co-founders of Beautiful Flow, have been involved in the arts from an early age. 

Orest started piano lessons at the age of five and worked up to an Associate level of study and performance of classical music. Along the way he picked up the guitar which opened up a new forum of expression for him. He studied jazz performance and composition at Capilano College in Vancouver. Orest played in numerous pop, rock and jazz bands. 

Liana grew up listening to her mother give piano lessons. Liana experimented with piano and trumpet.  She was naturally artistic and musical. She realized she had a voice as a young teen and while attending Champlain College in Quebec studying art, she began exploring musical possibilities. She moved to Vancouver where she played in original independent pop, reggae and blues bands and sang on a variety of studio projects and commercials.  She studied voice at Vancouver Community College.  

Liana and Orest met in Vancouver and realized they had a common musical, artistic and spiritual vision. They began writing, recording and performing original music together which continues today. While experimenting with new sounds and textures they both expanded their instrument base. Liana played bass, first as a writing tool, then as a main instrument.  To help with the ever expanding recording technology they started playing mandolin, various percussion instruments, and drums to add to their musical knowledge and color.

Life led them to Toronto, where they continued with their original music and establishing themselves. They were contracted out by Lenz Entertainment and Orest continues to compose and program music for T.V. shows, movies and commercials plus feature films under the Lenz name.  Orest has worked on such projects as The Passion of the Christ (Mel Gibson) and Little Mosque on the Prairie (CBC).  For a complete list check out the “Soundtrack” page.  Liana and Orest also song write for different artists.

Through the years both Orest and Liana have taught music, from private and group lessons on individual instruments, facilitating worship workshops, classroom teaching in the Montessori environment, to courses on computer music at Centennial College in Toronto. They stress creativity and having fun!

They have two studios, one north of Toronto where they reside and do most of their teaching and in Toronto at Lenz Entertainment where they compose music for the entertainment industry.

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